Plans! I’ve got Plans!

Monday, Aug 20

I’m almost finished with “The Rustler”, and I LOVE this book. I can hardly wait to share it with you. It was a strong emotional experience, writing it, and I hope you will have an equally gratifying time when you read it.

Added to the plans for the Civil War Tours I’ve told you about, I’ve decided to attend a polymer clay conference in Baltimore in February, called Synergy (?), and I’m hoping my two sisters, Sally and Pam, will go with me. (Read your email, girls.) WOW. I am so excited about this–I’m a complete newbie with polymer clay (Pam is much more accomplished) but I simply love it. All that kneading and blending of colors is theraputic for me, and you should SEE some of the things these artists make. You can read about the conference on the website for the National Polymer Clay Guild. (

I’ve decided on something else, too. Once I finish “The Rustler” and send it off to Super Editor, I’m heading for the lake. No surprise, there, I know. But I’m stopping at the art supply place first, and buying the BIGGEST canvas I can stuff into the back of my Avalanche and a CRATE of paints, and a GALLON of gesso, and I’m going to splash color onto that canvas like a wild woman! Who CARES if I don’t end up with a painting I want to hang on the wall? It’s the act of painting I’m so excited about.

So. It’s off to Stone Creek for me.

I’ve got Plans. Big plans.

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