Portobello Road

Saturday, May 17

Sally and I were up and ready to go early this morning–destination: Portobello Road! The weather is a bit drizzly today; as in, very Londonish. We caught a cab to the famous street market and did we ever find treasures. Cigarette cards, which I intend to use as ATCs. Gifts for friends and family. Postage stamps galore! (Also for ATCs) I bought a beautiful journal, imported from India, and many other fabulous things.

I didn’t get back to the business center yesterday to write the promised blog, so I’ll catch you up a bit. We visited the London Eye first, soaring above the city on what I can only describe as a giant ferris wheel, very slow-moving. We took tons of pictures. After that, we visited Westminster Abbey, and then Buckingham Palace. From there, we walked down to St. James’ and took each other’s pictures with Beefeaters–the soldiers in the red suits and tall hats. (I didn’t even know you could do this, after countless trips to London–my niece Sam had seen it on Passport to Europe, which I shall be TIVOing as soon as I get back home.

We’ve shopped until we very nearly dropped, and now we’re trying to cram everything into suitcases.

We leave tomorrow, so I will blog sometime on Monday.

Pip-pip and cheerio, old beans!

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