Present and Accounted For 🙂

Monday, Apr 07

Surprise!  I’m here and I’m on time–sort of.  🙂
I had a wonderful weekend; I was in an arts and crafts frenzy of sorts.  I made artist trading cards and experimented with painting the backs of clear glass tiles.  Some of them turned out beautifully, others–not so much.  Such, of course, is the nature of experimentation.  When it comes to things like that, I’m much more interested in the process than the end result–I think the happiest thing about doing art is making discoveries.  Interestingly enough, for me anyway, the failures are as fascinating as the successes.
Go figure.
Bernice-the-Yorkie turns 14 this month.  I can hardly believe it’s been that long since I brought her home that first time.  She’s pretty spry for her age (like me), and occasionally springs a leak (unlike me, thank heaven), but, no doubt about it, she’s my heart.
I’m downloading the week’s crop of audiobooks as I write this; I listened to ALL of the new Mary Higgins Clark book, I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN, on Saturday night, after I turned in.  I’m not sure I slept at all, which meant I was dragging a little on Sunday.  I always love MHC’s stories–I remember attending my very first Romance Writers of America conference way back in 1983–Ms. Clark was the keynote speaker, and it boggled my mind just to be in her august presence.  Ditto Jayne Krentz–I found myself in the same elevator and almost died on the spot, I was so star-struck.  🙂  If you’d told me then that Jayne and I would become friends, I wouldn’t have believed it.
I’ve started a new lecture series from the Great Courses, too–this one is GREAT MINDS OF THE FAR EAST, or something close to that.  Very interesting stuff.  I’m hoping to keep my brain lively by stretching the dendrites a bit, not to mention opening new neural pathways.  (Still forgetful, though.  Sigh.)
Our new contest begins today, so be sure to comment.  I haven’t decided on the prizes yet, but never fear, they’ll be fun, I promise.
We are enjoying the loveliest spring weather–it really lifts my spirits.  The daffodils and tulips are up, but they haven’t bloomed yet, and Jeremy planted six new peony trees last week.  I firmly believe that it’s impossible to have too many peonies.  🙂  It’s also impossible for things to be too shiny, but that’s another story for another blog.
I made some mirror pendants this weekend, for myself and a few friends, after reading about their ability to deflect negative energy in one of Echo Bodine’s books.  (Please note: I realize that there is no magic in the mirror itself–wearing one simply reminds the subconscious mind to screen out bad vibes–unless, of course, some action is required.)
Are there any angel stories out there?  I know some of you were planning to take part in the project I wrote about here the last week in March.  While I didn’t have any Road-to-Damascus type of experience, I certainly felt their protective presence, and I really missed them when they’d gone, although my guardian angel(s) stayed behind, I’m sure.
That’s today’s chitter-chatter, my friends.  I’ll be back tomorrow.
No, really.

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