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Friday, May 16

This morning I got to try out my meditation pyramid for about 20 minutes, and it was….wonderful.  I am sensitive to energy, and I experienced a level of relaxation and peace, for sure.  In fact, I wanted to stay right there for the rest of the day.  🙂  (Not an option, of course, since, as usual, I have miles to go before I sleep.) I can’t wait to meditate again–I’m even thinking of sitting under it while I write.  I’ll keep you updated.
I’m starting THE MARRIAGE CHARM on Monday morning, and I’m so excited about the story.  Today, however, I’ll be going out to lunch with my beautiful daughter, Wendy, and over the weekend, I plan to make artist trading cards, putter, and listen to podcasts and audiobooks.  Or read.  Or cook.  🙂
The new contest will begin on Monday, so be sure to comment.  The rules are the same as always: two winners will be chosen at random from the comment section, and their names will be announced on the blog next Friday.
If you’ve been a part of the community for a while, then you know I have a fascination with gadgets.  Well, I have found the gadget to end all gadgets–a 3D printer!  (I also have a pen.)  This technology just blows me away–I was waiting around for it to be introduced and, imagine my surprise, I was having a stone set by a local jeweler, and he showed me a plastic mock-up of the final ring.  When he told me his designer had actually printed the object, I almost went into Gomer Pyle-mode and whooped, “Well, gollllllllleeeeeee!”  Staffers Jenni and Kat, being much (much) younger than I am and up to date on all things computer, informed me, with amused tolerance :), that 3D devices had been available for a while now.  They even showed me a pen online, and I watched the thing in action on Youtube, spellbound.  After all, I’m a Baby Boomer; I’m still trying to understand color television.  My generation thought the transistor radio was an incredible invention–a major wow.  (Zounds, Batman!  The thing was small enough to carry around in one’s pocket or purse and it didn’t even need to be plugged in.  Talk about amazing!)
Well, I immediately started thinking about the possibilities–this tendency being my blessing as well as my curse–and before that day was out, I’d gone to, found the pen, and one-clicked.  Since I’m also inclined to think big–blessing/curse again–I started looking at actual printers online.  WOW.  If you want to be amazed, head on over to Youtube and watch the things in operation. 
Many such printers are expensive, with a capital E, but I found one at a fairly reasonable price on eBay and ordered it. 
I’m hoping to try out the pen–I have to wait for the printer to be hooked up by a competent computer person, which I am not–this weekend.  I’ll be sure to tell you all about it if I do.
Well, my friends, that’s a wrap. 
Stay curious.

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