Questions, questions, questions 🙂 (Thank you)

Thursday, Feb 05

First, the Weight Watchers update.  I’m still stuck in the same old range, so I decided to switch from the Simply Filling plan to the Points system for a while, and I’ve gotten back into exercise, too. 
Now, to answer as many of your questions as I can–I replied to a few inside the comment section itself, so if you don’t see your answer here, it’s probably there.  How’s that for verbal juggling?  🙂
“Will you ever write about Mojo again?”  I certainly hope to write more about Mojo, but at the moment, I just can’t get to it.
“When are you coming to Cheyenne to do a book signing?” I LOVE Cheyenne, but these things are decided by my publisher.  If I get the opportunity, I will surely take it!
“I am unable to comprehend how you process so much reading and listening–”  Well, I have ADD.  🙂  I have a great deal of trouble doing nothing and audio books, of course, allow me to absorb stories while I’m exercising, doing art, trying to go to sleep, etc.
“Is there any chance we might see a book collaboration with you and Debbie Macomber?”  That would be wonderful, but we’re both so busy, I can’t see that happening.
Where to get the vinyl quotes: I bought them on eBay.  Will post the sellers’ names later.  They’re really quite inexpensive and loads of fun.
Why is Holt McKettrick’s wife named Lorelei in McKettrick’s Choice and Lydia in An Outlaw’s Christmas.  Entirely my fault.  There was a big gap between the writing of those two books and I misremembered Lorelei’s name.  I should have checked.  There ARE proofreaders and they do a great job, but they also depend on the author to get things like this right.  Again, the responsibility is mine.
More answers tomorrow!

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