Restful Weekend

Monday, Mar 18

I believe I’m finally catching up with myself.  I puttered and rested this weekend, and watched most of Season Two of “Downton Abbey”, hands down my favorite program.  Do any of you watch the show?  I’m telling you, there was one scene where a returning soldier joined one of the heroines in the song, “If You Were the Only Girl in the World”, which was being sung to a room full of wounded service men, and I cried because it was such a beautiful, romantic moment.  I have always been fond of the British–I so admire their fortitude–and I think one of the reasons “Downton” is so marvelous is the way it highlights the spirit and strength of the English people.  Whatever their private differences, they stood tall against every challenge and privation, in both World Wars, and with a minimum of whinging.  (Don’t you just love that word?  It’s so very British.)  I’m already downloading Season Three for next weekend.  🙂
I’m a little winter-weary, to tell the truth, and craving sunshine with every fiber of my being.  When a wash of light gets past the spring clouds, it seems to saturate me, mind, body and spirit.  The seedlings are up and thriving, as I’ve mentioned, and there will soon be daffodils, crocuses and tulips–lilacs, too, and, eventually, my beloved peonies.  And the ROSES.  Breathtaking!  I declare, if there were no other reason to believe, flowers alone would be proof not only of God’s existence, but of His unfailing love.
I haven’t forgotten last week’s contest–will announce a winner later today, and start a new discussion.
Keeping smiling.

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