Sadie Report

Thursday, Oct 11

She’ll be fine. We met with the surgeon this morning–cousin Mary Ann went along for moral support–and the doctor decided Say-Say needed surgery. She was able to get right in, and I’ll be there to pick her up in the morning, when she’s slept off the anesthetic. She was pleased to greet other dogs in the waiting room, especially the beagle! The doctor is an extremely nice man, and I had confidence in him immediately. He came highly recommended by Sadie and Bernice’s regular vet, Dr. Steve Bauer, whose opinion I greatly respect, so I wasn’t worried.

Chris-aka the Nazi Dog Nanny–has her all set up for a diet. Too much dog for those little legs to carry comfortably. Too many treats, that’s Sadie’s problem (i.e. her problem is MOI). More ear-scratching and tummy-rubs will help her through the withdrawal stages.

Buckaroo doesn’t know he’s going to have his own book yet. Sadie was in “Springwater Wedding”, and Bernice appeared in all three Look books as herself. Now Buck is going to be a star, too. He’ll be the talk of the barn.

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