Saturday Snowstorm

Saturday, Nov 19

Arrived home from the Toronto trip exhausted but happy yesterday in the early afternoon.  I fed and fussed over Bernicie and the kits, ate one of my D.I.E.T. meals, took a hot bath and vegged in my beloved microfleece pajamas.  I also opened the several boxes that arrived while I was away–lots of beautiful new encaustic (wax) paints.  Yum.  After admiring the new supplies, I went to sleep early.  (It was only about 6 pm here, but 9 in Toronto, and I was still on EST.)  Excellent rest, then arising this morning to fluffy snow.

I took my time getting going–plenty of coffee, another BistroMD meal (even though the food in Toronto was fabulous, I’m so glad to be back in my regular routine)–a short chat with Chris, here to look after the horses on the weekends so the Canadian Wrangler can have some time off, and a brisk walk with Bernicie.  She’s short, but we followed the tracks in the snow, and she trotted along like a pro.  She loves to be outside in all but the very worst kind of weather–a hurricane, say.  Or a tsunami.  Nothing else seems to deter her.  🙂

Jen and I flew to Toronto, via Minneapolis, on Tuesday, arriving late.  We checked into our magnificent hotel, the Westin Prince, and ordered light room service.  Beautiful flowers awaited–roses, accent flowers of various kinds, and PEONIES.  My favorite.  In November, no less.  Obviously, my fabulous publishers, Harlequin, take very good care of me.  🙂

We had plenty of time to ease into the day on Wednesday, had a nice lunch at the hotel with two of my favorite Harlequin people, Katherine (KO) and Michelle.  From there, we headed for a place called Sunnybrooke (spelled?) stables, which is right in the middle of Toronto, though you’d never know it to be there.  Seems like miles out in the country.  There, we took a whole bunch of new photos and even some video, which you’ll be seeing soon.  It was very hard work, and a bit on the cold side, but I beamed the whole time.  I was in the company of horses, after all, which is heaven to me.  Margie Miller and her colleagues, Michael “Big Daddy”, the photographer and Goh, the very charming video guy, make a fabulous team.  When the light was gone, we all headed for the Miller Tavern, where we did some convivial celebrating.  I had the game hen–delicious–and probably one too many glasses of wine.

Thursday was Social Media Day.  Jen and I arrived at Harlequin’s impressive offices in the morning and spent much of the day learning about Facebook and Twitter, and also viewing some of the publicity photos taken the day before AND checking out the cover designs for “Big Sky Country” and the two books to follow.  Trust me when I say, “YEEHAW”!

That evening, my agent Irene Goodman and I went to dinner with Donna and Loriana, and it was luxury all the way.  I had sea bass–never had better.  It was unbelievably good.  The four of us shared a couple of desserts afterward–Creme Brulee and a truly exquisite coconut cream pie, the restaurant’s signature dish.  

It was up early the next morning, in order to leave for the airport at six.  The flights home were pleasant and uneventful, which is the way I like them.  🙂

It’s good to get away–I feel refreshed and inspired–but it’s even better to come home.

Bernice, the kitties and I agree–there’s no place quite like it.

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