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Thursday, Oct 10

Yesterday was one of those magical days, where the most remarkable things happen.
Visiting Chico’s, hoping to buy an outfit for an upcoming party, I met a woman named Beverly–and she can only be described as a kindred soul.  While discussing sizes, I happened to mention that I’m returning to Weight Watchers, but wanted to add some kind of therapy this time.  (Yes, I remember my promise not to bore you with yet another D.I.E.T., but this has bearing.)  After all, the food plan only addresses the physical aspect of up-and-down-pounds–but the central issue is probably emotional or even spiritual–or some combination thereof.  Well, knock me over with a feather, because this is answered prayer in action, my friends–Beverly promptly says, “I know the perfect thing.”  Then she described REMT (Rapid Eye Movement Therapy) and the many, many miracles she’d both seen and experienced herself.  She gave me the name and number of a reliable practioner, right here in Spokane.  Am I going to make an appointment?  You’d better believe it.  But the synchronicity doesn’t end there, remarkably.  Sister Sally had mentioned meeting the woman who pioneered this kind of therapy a long time ago–and headquarters just happen to be on Sally’s home street in Salem, Oregon.  The connection seems like an affirmation to me.
Stay tuned for the continuing saga.  🙂
Later in the day, I had my first session of full-on sound therapy–think, tuning forks–and I was blown away.  I’d been introduced to the technique the day before, by my cousin, Debra, who is also my acupuncturist, but Lisa practically played a symphony of different tones, and trust me, these were good vibrations.  Since sound frequency is basically compatible with quantum physics, i.e. that everything in the universe is made up of a single energy, vibrating at different speeds, it makes a lot of sense to me.  So do stones and crystals; nothing woo-woo about it, folks; this too is about vibrations and frequencies, albeit inaudible ones.
Again, stay tuned.  Because I intend to experiment with these ideas.  Doubtless, it will be like my art experiments–some fizzles, some brilliant flares of awareness, and, every single time, some new tidbit of understanding and knowledge.   And I can use every bit of those I can get.
I haven’t started my Italian course yet, because I’m waiting for the little microphone dealie to arrive. 
In the Comments section, someone asked how I get so much done.  Well, the painful truth is, I don’t always.   I really struggle with what I call Firefly Syndrome–I am too interested in too many subjects, and sometimes it’s killer-hard to focus on one thing and see it through.  (Remember, I have ADD).  That said, I think it’s a little like that old saying about aiming for the stars–even if you miss, you’re going to hit higher targets than you would have otherwise.  I’m always trying new things–as stated above, I get a lot of fizzles, but the occasional fireworks in my imagination are well worth it to me.  Where I have succeeded, it’s largely because I was willing to fail my way to the finish line.  Success, grateful as I am for it, has taught me next to nothing.  Failure, on the other hand, is a master teacher.  As I always tell aspiring writers, to do something well, you have to be willing to do it badly for a long, long time–and still keep going.  One day, things fall into place and there it is, that marvelous “I get it!” feeling.
I warned you in the title of this blog–more rambling.  🙂
This week’s winners will be notified today and announced tomorrow.  A new contest will begin on Monday.
Now, go out there and be your fabulous self.  The rest will take care of itself.

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