Seriously? It’s really Friday again???

Friday, Jan 04

Amazing.  The older I get, the more time seems to fly.  Since I love my life, though, I don’t really mind.  As an ADD person, I’m not very good at doing things slowly anyhow.  🙂
I’m into Day 6 of the Food Lovers Program, and I’m already noticing subtle differences–plus I feel better in general.  For the first five days, I was allowed to have wine, but for the coming two weeks, the recommendation is to skip it.  Alas.  I’m following the plan as carefully as I can and, if that means no red wine for a while, so be it.  Frankly, it feels great just to be doing something about the weight problem–I am a person who needs a little structure when it comes to things like this.  Once the first 21 days are over, things get a lot easier. 
We’re having a bathtub put in in a guest room–that will probably be disruptive, but, hey.  Right now there’s only a hinky shower, improperly installed, so this will be a definite improvement.  I like my guests to be comfortable.
Hoping to spend some time with Wendy and Jeremy this weekend, and see “Les Miz”–the movie.  I’ve seen the play numerous times–it’s my absolute favorite.
I’m writing today, but also making a theraputic run to Hobby Lobby.  (“Let there be art supplies’…)
Make it an excellent weekend, beloved friends, and God bless you.

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