Shepherd’s Pie & Other Random Stuff

Wednesday, Mar 02

Yesterday I made slow-cooker Shepherd’s Pie, from my big cookbook, and it was de-lic-ious! I make notes in the margins when I try a new recipe, with the date and what I thought of the dish. Maybe someday one of my descendents will have the book and find my observations interesting.

Or maybe just weird.

And guess what I’m listening to on my iPod, as of last night–“A Creed in Stone Creek”. I love hearing my own words read aloud by a professional–I get a real kick out of it. Yes, I know ahead of time what’s going to happen in the story :), but what I enjoy is the fresh perspective a little time allows. When I’m working on a book, and then revising the manuscript, reading galleys, etc., I’m so involved that I literally can’t see the forest for the trees.

Today’s weather–I know you couldn’t possibly start your day without knowing what’s going on in Spokane, Washington :)–is murky. The sky is gray, the snow is melting, and the driveway looks slushy. Another great day to stay in and write, though I admit to downloading and clipping out a coupon from Hobby Lobby. Forty-percent off. Is it still a bargain if you don’t actually need anything? My crafting stash is already ridiculous. Still, I love the looking and touching–the colors and the new ideas and the shapes and textures. There’s a craft show here in Spokane this weekend–enticing. I probably won’t get there unless the roads are bare, though.

I have a new book to read–Joy Fielding’s “Now You See Her”–and new issues of both “Cloth, Paper, Scissors” and “Somerset Studio”. (It may surprise you to know that when those magazines arrive, all bright and crisp and colorful, I usually yell “Yay!” and kiss the cover. The dogs barely react anymore.)

I’m downloading some movies, too–“Burlesque” and a documentary about the Beatles. (They won’t be available on Netflix for a while.)

I’ll be cooking “my” famous soy chicken today, for supper. I put “my” in quotations because I actually got the recipe from Debbie Macomber, years and years ago. Since I’m one of those cooks who slosh in some of this and dump in some of that, instead of measuring, I’m guessing here:

4 to 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, halved
1 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup water
2 tsps of poultry seasoning
1 small onion, chopped
garlic to taste (I like to lob in the pre-chopped stuff that comes in a jar)
3 Tablespoons lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste, but since soy sauce is salty, you probably won’t want to add much sodium.

Place chicken in a casserole dish or slow cooker. Mix other ingredients and add. If using an oven, cook uncovered for about 45 minutes at 350. Check often–you’re on your own with this one.

If it doesn’t turn out, blame Debbie.


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