Shopping on Etsy and Other Indulgences

Monday, Oct 12

While I have yet to work up the courage to offer one of my own paintings for sale, I have a growing collection of what I would describe as folk art, most of which I find on Etsy, or by clicking to see who is following whoever is following me (sheesh, that was a mouthful) on Twitter. As you know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, I plan to donate my net profits (after sales tax, shipping, etc.) to various charities–when I put something up on Etsy or eBay and IF anyone buys it. 🙂

There are some VERY talented artists out there in cyberspace, and I think it’s wonderful. Really excellent stuff, and the prices are extremely reasonable. I buy only originals, never prints–and this is hard sometimes because I love the images. My choices are cheerful, brightly colored and usually small–some of my favorites, by an artist called Danita, are just 8×8 inches. I like Jane deRosier (may be misspelled)–Jane is GrittyJane on eBay and I have a lot of her angels and saints.

I’ve been a bit under the weather all weekend–not serious enough for a perscription, get well cards or homemade chicken soup (darn it) but barely enough energy to function. Don’t be worried. 🙂 I’m a tough ole cowgirl. Even though it’s a holiday today, Mary Ann came to take Sadie for her exercise day–thank heaven for Mary Ann. I just don’t feel strong enough to go driving anywhere, and Super Assistant, Jen, Sadie’s normal chauffer, is away on vacation. I’m a little behind on the story though, and that worries me.

Have you ever been sucked into a book? This happened to me as I listened to a new story by Audrey Niffen-something–she’s the author of “The Time Traveler’s Wife”–and the story I heard was “Her Fearful Symmetry”. Strange title for a fascinating piece of work about mildly creepy bunch of characters living next to a cemetery in England. (Go figure.) What drew me in was the ghost–I can’t resist a good ghost story. This wasn’t just a book, it was an experience. If you like mildly creepy ghost stories and good prose, you’ll probably like this. I think it’s much better than the other title, which was hard for me to follow.

And I digress. Again. Always.

I need to get to work.

Be blessed, be safe, and be kind. Kindness has never been more important, methinks, that it is right now.

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