Shrinking Mary Lincoln and Other Experiments of a Mad Scientist

Thursday, Sep 25

I shrunk Mary Todd Lincoln this morning–on shrink plastic, of course. I’m working on a Lincoln series of ATCs, for my personal collection. Next comes the Lincoln dog–one of many but the only one I know about–and he had the imaginative name of Fido. (All the vogue in the 1860s). And heck, at least it wasn’t Rover. (I guess this rambling is where the ‘mad’ part comes in. :))

You might hear the word ‘experiment’ a lot from me, in coming days. Writing my Morning Pages (God bless you, Julia Cameron) is really stimulating some valuable new insights–for instance, if I approach something new as an experiment, instead of taking my usual make-or-break, do-or-die approach, I discover an amazing freedom in the effort. It becomes an adventure, not a chore, and if it’s a bust–oh, well. I’ve learned something, haven’t I?

An example of this is my current crop of ATCs, the ones I’m making to bring on the road. I painted a beautiful blue background on 12 cards, and then carefully cut out 12 oval shaped pictures of Baby Me on my dad’s horse, Peanuts. Lookin’ good! Then I glued those ovals onto the cards and–miracle of miracles, given my extreme case of Firefly Syndrome–actually left them alone overnight so the glue could dry! This morning, I sprayed them with a light coat of my very favorite glaze, a product called Triple Thick. (Michael’s, in the glue section.) And guess what? The paint seeped through, and ruined the pictures. Now, normally, this would really chapped my hide–alas, I am only too easily frustrated by things like this–but today, with my new mind-set in operation, I said to myself, “Bummer. Next time, I’ll glaze the cards before I put the pictures on.” Not a major victory–UNLESS you happen to be someone who knows me. 🙂

Update: yesterday, I was concerned that I might not get my chapter written, what with an important meeting to go to, in the middle of the day. Well, I DID get it done–I had 10 pages down before I even dressed to go out to lunch. I even got my walk in! And I had the whole thing wrapped by 5:30.


And I’m attributing most of this progress to writing Morning Pages.

Have you tried it yet? 🙂

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