“Skins” and other experiments

Tuesday, Aug 13

“Skins” are made by pouring fluid acrylic paint (I use Golden) onto wax paper or some other non-stick surface, in several colors, and “marbling” with a skewer or a toothpick.  They take forever to dry, but the effect is very cool, and the finished product can be cut or torn into various shapes and used in collage.  Since no two ever come out alike, the process fascinates me.  I made one that actually looks something like opal. 
It’s a writing day, so I didn’t get around to this blog as soon as I wanted to.  Like yesterday, it’s better late than never–I hope.  🙂

Last night, I cut a BUNCH of quilt pieces for my black-and-white creation–mercy, there’s a lot to be done to prepare the fabric first!  Since I want the quilt to be large, I need a LOT of pieces.  All of them are hexagon shapes, and it will really be fun to start sewing them together.  Alas, patience is required.  Even with my handy-dandy Accuquilt machine to speed things up, this hobby requires time and patience.  (Anything requiring patience is good for me.)

The second batch of Mac and Cheese came out well–no leftovers, so the crew liked it–but I still made a few mental notes.  Elbow macaroni really IS best, just as Martha says.  I used rotini this time, and it was a touch on the squishy side.  Also, the crumb topping wasn’t quite as golden brown as I would have preferred.  Interestingly, I learn something with every new effort–practice, practice, practice.  🙂  I also used my pressure cooker for the first time, and the chuck roast I prepared turned out to be extremely tender and flavorful–and it takes a fraction of the time required to pan-roast or slow cook.  I plan to experiment more with the pressure cooker, as I have a new cookbook with corresponding recipes.

I just listened to a great book called “The Longest Road”, about a man who drove from Key West, Florida to a place called Dead Horse, way up in Alaska, which is literally the end of the road.  I’ll have to look up the author’s name, but I really recommend this one.  The man and his wife, along with two dogs, had a lot of fascinating adventures along the way.   I definitely recommend this title.

Guess that’s it for today, friends.  See you tomorrow.

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