Snowy,with a chance of chicken soup

Thursday, Jan 20

That’s the climate here, anyhow. This cold of mine is a bruiser. I was up for a couple of hours in the night–am hoping the thing has peaked. I’m writing, but not very fast.

Because of time/energy constraints, my art experiments are pretty limited these days. I’m sticking mostly to artist trading cards, and I’m doing a few zentangles, too. I’m getting the hang of that, finally–I’m pretty pleased with some of them. I’ve discovered some great how-to videos on Youtube–Gary Reef, Capricorn73, is a big favorite. Check him out. The man had me searching all over cyberspace for what he calls ‘bitumin’, which is actually some kind of automotive supply and looks like liquid tar. You use it like antiquing stuff, and it gives a great, weathered look. If you run a search titled “Zentangles”, you’ll find a whole slew of them out there.

I have been on a slow cooker kick lately, so I had my mind made up to make either porcupine meatballs or tamale pie today. As suggested above, though, I’m inclined to make chicken soup instead. 🙂 The stuff really does make you feel better–although it could be psychological, I suppose. My mom used to dose us up with good old Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Lipton’s Noodle Soup when we were sick as kids–in our outfit, those are comfort foods, along with macaroni and (take your pick) tomato juice, tomato sauce or canned tomatoes.

Speaking of Mom, I got a sweet note from her the other day, reminding me to use Vicks and get more rest. 🙂 Thanks, Mom. I love you.

Being a little under the weather just makes me more aware of how blessed I am. I have warmth and light, furry friends, books and paint and a slow cooker.

Who could ask for anything more? 🙂

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