So many books and fascinating things to do, so little time…

Tuesday, Oct 29

I was up late last night, finishing Ann Hite’s first novel, “Ghost on Black Mountain”–she’s the author of “The Storycatcher”, which is one of the rare books I buy in print after listening to the audio version.  It was an interesting story–I wouldn’t have finished it if it wasn’t–but the cover blurb promised a story element that never actually appeared in the book–and that bothered me.  I like Hite’s spooky stories, though, and I’ll be waiting for her next novel to come out.
Books, books, books–I can’t get enough of them, it seems.  (Thanks, Mom.)  If I’m not reading one (or three), I’m listening to one (or three) on my handy-dandy iPod.  Today being Tuesday, new release day on iTunes, I have the usual crop downloading on another computer even as we speak.  In fact, my audio library got so big that I had to buy more storage space in the “cloud”.  Now that concept brings some interesting images to mind, doesn’t it?  All those songs and stories and movies up there, hovering in space, perhaps zipping around, bumping into each other, careening this way and that, like bullets ricocheting off canyon walls,  just waiting to be pulled down at the push of a button–in my opinion, things like this sure shoot the holes into the so-called scientific idea that if you can’t see it or touch it, it doesn’t exist.  HA!  I think (know) that what we can see and touch is only the tiniest speck compared to the realities beyond the immediate reach of our five senses.   
God, for instance.  But that’s another topic for another blog, on another day.  🙂
Today, I’m writing–and I also have my first Rapid Eye Movement session–probably more consultation than session.  I’m so excited to try this. 
I’m almost through my first week on Weight Watchers and, as usually happens, I’m wondering why it took me so long to go back to the way of eating that works best for me, the larger question being, “Why did I leave in the first place?”  For me, the program is so easy, and I actually have trouble using up all the points I have for each day.  I feel better and better as time passes–more energy, better moods, the whole shebang.
On the other hand, as good as it is, I know Weight Watchers alone isn’t enough–not for me, anyway.  When one repeatedly gains and loses weight, as I have done since the age of 38, it makes sense to explore the reasons behind the pattern.  Unless I do that, I will be addressing the symptoms, but not the cause, and history will repeat itself.  Since I’m determined to break the cycle for good this time, I want to uncover the underlying causes and deal with them, whatever they are.  (Usually, destructive habits are fear-based.)  Acupuncture helps with this healing process, in a way that is hard to define–it’s all about balance and general well-being, like yoga and meditation and, best of all, prayer.  Journaling is a valuable practice, too, at least for me, since it gives me perspective, getting the junk out of my head and onto a page in my notebook, and so is art.  When I’m making artist trading cards or playing around in my art journal, I’m in a different ‘zone’, a peaceful place.  I firmly believe that the best ideas are born in these quiet hours, rather than in front of the computer, where the actual putting down of words takes place.
I’m rambling again–a sure sign that it’s time to bid you all a good day and get myself to Mustang Creek, Wyoming, where my characters are waiting anxiously.  🙂
Be well, be safe, and be kind.

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