Sorry About Yesterday

Wednesday, Apr 11

I was so into drafting the new book that I never got around to writing this blog, though I thought of it a few times.  🙂
Bernice is just back from her much-anticipated visit to the barn, which is referred to in her Yorkieship’s presence as the B.A.R.N.  We also have to spell out W.A.L.K. and C.A.R.  Who says dogs can’t reason?
We are having spectacular weather this morning, all sunny and bright.  I won’t even need my happy lamp today.
Just finished listening to another book last night, “Making Piece–A Memoir of Love, Loss and Pie”, by Beth Howard.   It’s a real winner, and if you like memoirs, as I do, you’ll probably enjoy this one.  I’ve moved on to the new Kate Wilhem, “Death of an Artist”.  It’s set in a fictional town on the Oregon coast–a place I’m fairly familiar with (coasts AND fictional towns)–and of course I like the art angle, too.  (If I don’t like a book, be it electronic, printed OR recorded, I don’t finish.  Life is simply too short and too busy.)  The victim is pretty obnoxious and the suspect is so obvious that it can’t possibly be him (:)), so I want to find out who actually did the deed, and why.   Maybe it’s just because the woman IS so irritating, but killing her seems a mite extreme.   I love it when the end of a mystery surprises me, and I’m hoping this one will keep me guessing for the duration.
Suzi Blu, who is one of my favorite artists but fortunately not the character in the above-mentioned story, has a new book out, too.   Excellent, if you’re interested in art–“Mixed Media Girls With Suzi Blu” is the title, and it comes with a DVD, so you can watch the artist work and have the Suzi Experience, which, believe me, is unique.  I’ll probably be spending much of whatever free time comes my way practicing the lessons.
Must run along and get some storytelling done–Sawyer and Piper are waiting eagerly in the wings.
Be happy, be well, and be kind.
I’ll be back tomorrow.  (No, really…)

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