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Tuesday, Sep 20

I was so busy writing on “Big Sky Country” yesterday that I didn’t even remember the blog until I was too tired to write it.  🙂  Something was off with the number of pages I’d written, too, so I went back and sure enough, I’d skipped Chapter 14 completely.  Yikes.  I had to renumber everything which, of course, meant I had one less chapter written than I thought I did.  Mayhem!  Confusion!  I am essentially right-brained, and things like that tend to throw me more than they should.  Alas, I’m writing Chapter 18 today–though I thought I was writing it yesterday.

Oh, never mind.  🙂

Hair cut today–I look like a walking haystack.  Of course when I’m this close to finishing a book, I hate to interrupt the process in any way, but my hair is about to be declared a federal disaster area, so off to th shop I go. 

I’m downloading a ton of new audiobooks from the iTunes store.  Tuesday is new book day. 


Time to go and eat my breakfast.

More tomorrow.

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