Stone bracelet update

Thursday, Apr 24

🙂 As promised, here is the information some of you asked for after reading about my multiple-bracelet crash.
The chakra balancing bracelet can be purchased for about $10 on eBay–the seller is ‘themagicisinyou’.  (Yes, the words are run together.)  Going to will probably take you there.  The chakra stones in mine are: jasper, carnelian, calcite, aventurine, and sodalite.  As for the aura clearing bracelet–I purchased mine from the same seller–contains clear quartz, labradorite, and fluorite.  If you invest in like bracelets, please remember my story and wear only one at a time (!), unless, of course, you want to sleep like the proverbial log for several hours.  Trust me, I speak from experience; the combination, while wholly positive, is powerful. 
Someone asked about stones for arthritis pain–my go-to remedies are moss agate and malachite.  I like to tape small stones to whatever hurts.  For insomnia, as I’ve mentioned before, I would use bloodstone, bu there are other good ones, too.  One site recommends lithium crystals, as they are good for inflammation.  (As I understand it, inflammation is the root of nearly every kind of pain.)  Amber, argonite, fluorite, a stone called the ‘golden healer’ (I have several) and good old selenite, which is probably the most readily available, are also effective.  My dad swore by his copper bracelet for relieving arthritis pain, so add that lovely mineral to the list.
If you don’t have a good stone and crystal source in your town–we Spokanites have the marvelous Wonders of the World over at the Flour Mill, and the people there are extremely knowledgable–I’m thinking anybody who went to all the trouble of running such a shop will have a sound understanding of the various crystals and gemstones they offer.  If, on the other hand, you don’t have such a store in your area, I can vouch for the following online sellers, having dealt with them personally.  On Etsy, blisscrystals and thesagegoddess.  On eBay, themagicisinyou, mycrystalallies, and helpingstones.
Now, I must have some lunch and get back to work on my outline.

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