Storm Coming In

Sunday, Jun 15

I think we’re in for a dandy lightning storm tonight, here in Virginia. I do love a rollicking good storm. 🙂 Last night, the whole sky lit up. Call me crazy, because I hope it happens again.

I promised an update on the day’s activities, and here it is. We visited two plantations, the fabulous Shirley Plantation, occupied by members of the Carter family for eleven generations, along with a nearby plantation called Westover. There is a 350 year old Willow Oak tree on the grounds, and the property is right on the wide, beautiful James River. After a week of battlefields, it was a joy to visit a lovely home. You can’t go inside Westover, but it is a splendid brick mansion, and its front yard slopes down to the river. In between, we enjoyed a lovely lunch/supper at a place called the Charles City Tavern. Wow. An excellent meal, in very gracious surroundings.

Virginia is a beautiful state. I’ve fallen a little in love with it–inspite of the heat and the bugs. 😉 Virginia bugs are most persistent creatures.

I’ll be traveling all day tomorrow, so I probably won’t blog again until Tuesday morning.

Now, for some of Cousin Gladys’s incomparable blackberry cobbler. 🙂

Heck, it’s a vacation, if a working one, and I’ve been good the whole time.


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