Strawberry Marauder

Friday, Apr 23

This is one of my two kitties, Cha Cha. She’s the imperious one, Miss Attitude. (Can you tell???) She’s been nibbling at the leaves of my baby strawberry plants.

Note that bright sunshine pouring in through the window! It’s a glorious day here in Spokane, Washington!

All these exclamation points remind me that I finished revising “Willow” and am now waiting to hear the editor’s verdict.

The dogs are snoozing, and Sadie will be visiting her wonderful trainer later this morning.

And I feel a distinct Kneed to Knit. What’s THAT about? Debbie Macomber is the knitter in my set, and a fantastic knitter she is, too. Me, I knit panels–straight garter stitch rows that I hope to felt eventually. I still have that crazy yen to knit socks. I listen to several of the knitting podcasts available on iTunes and I’ve become a devotee of the Yarn Harlot. (Yes, that’s what she calls herself. Her real name is Stephanie Pearl McPhee and she is a hoot!)

You know you’re hooked on knitting when the first place you want to go, after surfacing from a week of jet-lag, is a yarn store.


I’m not even good at it, though. Go figure.

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