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Thursday, May 05

I’m glad to report I did well at Weight Watchers yesterday–down 2.6 pounds.  I’m back on what used to be called Simply Filling, and doing well.  For a while there, I really slacked off and, of course, I began to gain weight again.  Yikes!  For a long time, I just couldn’t seem to get my head in the right place.  For me, mindset is everything, no matter what I’m attempting to do, and in most cases, I can change my attitude by turning a few mental screws.  This time, it was a real challenge–a job for God.
After much fervent prayer, I finally managed the shift.  A big part of the project is simply having the right food on hand–if I get too hungry, and my blood sugar dips, all bets are off.  I will eat anything quick and easy–a Quarter Pounder, for instance.  Now, while I certainly haven’t sworn off fast food–that’s the beauty of Weight Watchers, no food is off-limits–I can’t indulge as often as I’d like–unless I want to be fat.  And I don’t.
Jenni gave me a great quote she found on Facebook: Losing weight is hard.  Being fat is hard.  Choose your hard.
Wise words.
On the dog front, Mowgli chewed the back out of one of my brand new hightop shoes this morning, while I was in the bathtub.  I try to be careful about closing my closet door, but I must have been thinking about one of the several writing projects brewing in my brain.  I heard him chewing industriously–he and Tule were on my bed–but figured it was the antler he’s been working on since yesterday.  Alas, no.  Another shoe has bitten the proverbial dust–preceded by two or three pairs of slip-on Sketchers and a favorite slipper or two.  From now on, new shoes will be stored in their boxes, on shelves.
That silly little critter.  He’s lucky I love bad dogs.  🙂

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