Sunday, Day 16, in review

Monday, Mar 29

We were SO tired on Sunday, after our visit to Montserrat and Sitges. We banned alarm-clock setting and slept until we felt like getting up, which was very, very late. I mean, I walked to La Rambla and had my breakfast/lunch at two-thirty, which is unheard of for me. Reaching the famous street, I texted Sally, who, being nearly a decade younger, was already there, enjoying McDonald’s. Since La Rambla is lined with street performers, some of whom, like the Invisible Man, are exceptionally creative. My message: “I’m here. Near the amazingly realistic black knight on horseback.”

We purchased direct-from-the-artist stuff, and I think that, along with the flower stands, is probably my favorite thing about visiting a European city.

The weather was beautiful and sunny.

We’re off to another slow start today–which, of course, is Monday, Day 17–but that’s okay. Most museums, etc. are closed on Monday. Sally is going on ahead to scope out the post office, and I’m taking my time. Fortunately, there is at least one Mail Boxes Etc. here, because I bought a bunch of stuff.

If the Cathedral of Barcelona is open today, we will visit that. We might take another bus trip, too. Decisions, decisions.

Next Sunday, we fly home. I admit it, I will be glad to see my crew and my pets, sleep in my own bed, bathe in my own tub, etc. But this trip has restored me in so many ways.

I look forward to writing, to planting seeds and bulbs, and all the rest of it.

Thanks to pictures, my journal and my ATCs, I will always be able to relive this fabulous time-out-of-time, this lovely interlude in a lovely city.

I am so blessed, and so grateful.

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