Sunday, Day 9, Barcelona

Monday, Mar 22

Yesterday was Sunday and I didn’t blog, but here’s a quick account: we did hardly anything. We were zonked–so zonked that we didn’t even wake up until noon. Hunger forced us from the room, and we found that most of the restaurants and all but a very few of the shops were closed. It was rainy out, but that merely added to the charm of this old city, and we ended up eating across the street, in the establishment frequented by the Unhappy Waiter. 🙂 (He’s not rude, just unhappy. We think his face might literally break if he tried to smile. Perhaps he had dreams of being a great matador—there I go, writing again.)

Feeling the way I do about bullfighting (you shouldn’t even have to ask), I’m not terribly fascinated by matadors, either. But you’ve got to admit that they cut a dashing figure, like the flaminco dancers. We bought miniature flaminco dresses to surprise our small nieces–they don’t read the blog :)–and they are so cute. Every once in a while, we just look at each other and laugh and say, “The dresses!” We are anticipating the pictures our sister-in-law, Saint Anna, will surely take.

We slept a lot yesterday, and had dinner across the street, at Domino’s! Sometimes, a gal just wants a familiar food.

Back in the room, Sally crocheted and I knitted–I’m making a plain panel to felt for a handbag when I get back to el Estados.

Believe it or not, we eventually slept again.

Today, we’re going back over the route of our first bus tour and getting off in different places. There is still a lot to see.

I’ve been keeping up my ATC journal, too. Yesterday was a challenge, but I did make a card. I’ll post later on.

And that’s yesterday’s news from Spain.
Today’s may turn up tonight….

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