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Sunday, Apr 13

Last week’s winners are: Christina Keach and Cindy Zint.  Congratulations, ladies! 
If you’re not Christina or Cindy, do not despair.  There’s a brand new contest starting tomorrow.  As always, you can enter simply by entering a comment.  Winners are chosen at random. 
I see I’ve worried some of you again, and I’m sorry.  I’m not ill–things came up and I got busy and when I might have blogged, I was simply too tired.
I love to tell you what I’m listening to/reading, so here goes: I finally finished Harlan Coben’s MISSING YOU last night–it was a good story, with some surprises.  There were some parts that were a little too violent for me, so I skipped those, something I’ve always been reluctant to do when reading, but in the end, it worked out just fine.
As for listening to audiobooks, I was into one of the Great Courses, but I decided not to finish.  This rarely happens.  Again, it was because of an element of violence–I simply didn’t want those images in my mind.  I’ve been tuned in to LOST LAKE, by Sarah Addison Allen on and off all day–it’s a lovely book, with a touch of magic, just enough to intrigue the reader.  I listened while Bernice and I were on our traditional weekend drive (we make a wide sweep around the neighborhood before stopping to pick up the previous day’s mail), and again, much later, when the Yorkster and I went out for an afternoon walk, enjoying the wonderful spring sunshine.  We paid a brief visit to the barn, which is one of my little dog’s favorite places, and then walked around the pasture.
The horses paid us no notice at all as we passed–they were too busy grazing.  There’s a temporary fence strung across the middle of the ten-acre space, as I’m having grass planted and we need to keep the hay-burners off that piece of ground while the seeds get started.

That’s the news for this fine Sunday evening, my friends. 
Be well.

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