Sunshine on My Shoulder

Monday, Oct 24

Today is a spectacularly beautiful fall day–every pine needle for miles shimmers with golden light, and the sky is sugar-bowl blue.  There are a few leafy trees on the property and they are ablaze with the fire of autumn colors like crimson and gold.  No WONDER fall is my favorite season.

Deb and her daughter Nic have nearly transformed the craft room, and the dreaded appearance on “Hoarders” has been averted, for now at least.  🙂 

The weekend was quiet–my guests were on a mini-vacation at the lake with family from Seattle.  Bernice and I took our walks with no sign of Harold the Moose, thank heaven, and epic battles were fought at the mouths of various culverts–she wanted to go in.  A thirteen pound dog can put up a lot of resistance, but I eventually prevailed.  As I write this, Neecie is out cold on her pink bed, near my computer.  It’s been a big morning already.  🙂

I did more art work, finishing up a swap I hosted on–it’s quite a challenge, really, to make sure the artist trading cards are distributed properly among all those entrants.  I mostly don’t sign up for other people’s swaps anymore–I like to host them instead.  Guess I’m a control freak.  🙂  I enjoy seeing the submissions so much–people are SO creative.  My cards are all gel transfers on copper these days–when I get on a kick, it lasts a while.  🙂 

A new issue of Somerset Studios, one of my two absolute favs, arrived in Saturday’s mail.  Yum.  I haven’t cracked it yet, but it will be a real treat when I do.  Plus, if SS is here, Cloth, Paper, Scissors can’t be far behind.  🙂

I listened to John Lithgow’s autobiography, “Drama”, and enjoyed it a lot.  I have some new podcasts to listen to, as well. 

And that’s the news here on the Triple L.

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