Testing, Testing, one, two, three….

Wednesday, Feb 16

That’s what I did yesterday, between naps :)–I experimented with my art supplies. I need to heed the advice of one of my favorite artists, Pam Carricker, however, and learn to resist the temptation to try every single new product or technique that comes out. (Pam’s beautiful new book, “Art at the Speed of Life”, is available now, and I highly recommend it to anyone who shares my maniacal interest in all things paper, glue and paint… )

Yes, I do have a book to write. And I’m eager to start. But I found, after working long and hard on “The Creed Legacy”, that I needed a little time to refill the well.

This morning, I did some transfers with gel medium–printing the image in reverse on cheap matte finish photo paper, smearing the substrate with a generous amount of soft gel medium (I use Golden) and then smoothing the picture face down in the medium. Letting it dry (the hard part for me) is the next step, and then you spritz the back of the photo paper with water and start rubbing away the paper with your best tools–your fingers. The result is a wonderful, beat-up, distressed look. Fascinating. Like similar transfers onto unbaked polymer clay–another thing I love to do–it doesn’t always work. That’s part of the magic, at least for me.

Today, I have some tiny tweaks to do on the just-finished book, another blog to write, for eHQN, and I need to flesh out the outline for “A Lawman’s Christmas”, the story I mentioned yesterday, so I can begin working on it in earnest.

Sadie is still having trouble with that hind leg. She sees a veterinary surgeon tomorrow morning–he’s the best, but we’re all hoping he won’t want to operate. Prayers, good thoughts, and white light appreciated.

The weather is overcast (how could you possibly start your day without knowing what the weather is doing in Spokane, Washington????), but the snow melted away as promised.

That, such as it is, is this morning’s news from my kitchen table.

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