Thanksgiving/winners/travel plans and more

Monday, Dec 01

First, the new winners are: Niki Davis and Therese.  Congratulations, both of you!  Your signed books will be headed your way soon.  (What’s that you say?  YOU didn’t win?  Well, the old adage certainly applies here: try, try again.  🙂  There is a brand new round beginning right now; just comment, and you’re entered.
Thanksgiving was lovely and quiet.  I roasted a turkey and made all the trimmings.  (Well, okay, the Schwan’s people made the pumpkin pies, Ocean Spray did the cranberries, etc.)  HOWEVER, I personally peeled the potatoes (I usually stick Jeremy with the job), threw together the stuffing and all that.  Jeremy DID do the potato mashing and make the gravy.  The dinner was delicious, and the company was even better–along with Wendy and Jeremy, my grand-Golden Retriever, Margie, Jenni and Larry the Canadian Wrangler also put in appearances.  Jen and I, Weight Watchers veterans by now, were content with small servings of our favorites and a sliver of pumpkin pie.  🙂  And guess what?  I was perfectly satisfied.  Yet another thing to add to my very long gratitude list!  (Mom was invited, of course, but she likes to enjoy the holiday meal in the dining room at her retirement center.)
Now, for my travel plans.  I’m headed over to Seattle to spend some time with Debbie Macomber, my dear, funny and very famous friend.  It’s become a tradition for us to get together a day or two before Jayne Krentz’s Christmas party, where we’ll see a lot of our writer friends.   We always have a great time, naturally, talking shop, munching delicacies, catching up.  This year, Debbie is having a little gathering in Port Orchard, and I’m excited about that, too, since I haven’t seen many of the people who will be there in years and years.  Deb and I will do some shopping, some laughing, and maybe shed a few nostalgic tears as well.  Debbie’s husband, Wayne, is a Civil War buff, like me, and it will be nice to chat with him, though I imagine he’ll be dodging the Estrogen Overload Factor as much as possible.  🙂
The long and short of all this is that I probably won’t have a chance to blog until Friday or Saturday.  I’ll have stories to tell then, though, and maybe a few photos to post on Facebook.  🙂
In closing, I want to recommend a podcast I’ve mentioned before, for those of you who are trying to improve your girlish figure: HalfSizeMe.  Today’s episode, #147, was a gift.  Terrific insights and some really good online resources that I definitely intend to check out.
Be well, be kind, and stay warm.

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