The Bridegroom

Tuesday, Jul 21

I’ve been so busy writing “Tate”–what an experience this book has been!–that I haven’t given a lot of thought to the release of my new book, The Bridegroom. It will be in book stores everywhere next Tuesday, July 28.

If you’ve read The Man from Stone Creek, A Wanted Man, and The Rustler, you’ll recognize Gideon Yarbro, Rowdy and Wyatt’s younger brother, but fair warning: he is all grown up and definitely a man, not a boy. If you’ve never read any of the Stone Creek books, you might try this one. It’s full of action, adventure and, of course, romance of the sizzing variety.

Wait until you see this cover. It is absolutely wonderful.

Today, I’m working hard to wrap up the new book. It has sure been a challenge, but cowgirls never give up. Plus, it’s a great story with great characters. I’m loving it, even if I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t change to the title….

At times, it seems the perfect title would be: The Neverending Story.


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The daughter of a town marshal, Linda Lael Miller is a #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 100 historical and contemporary novels, most of which reflect her love of the West.

Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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