The Case of the Neglectful Blogger

Monday, Nov 19

I feel as though I’ve been away from this blog for too long–no excuses for it, except that I try to write in the mornings and will probably be writing most blogs in the afternoon.  I miss having daily “contact” with all of you.  I had a very restful weekend, all things considered, and I guess that’s what I needed.  Hope you had a nice one, too.
The rains came,  and washed away the snow.  It’s quite gloomy out today, but I choose to call it “cozy” instead of “depressing”, so there you go.  🙂  I’m here at my writing spot, with my happy light on, ready to go.
I bet you’re wondering where that left-field ghost question came from.  🙂  Well, I’m one of those people who loves a good ghost story but doesn’t want to meet the main character.  🙂  Call me a coward.  My daughter Wendy and niece/assistant Jen are, however, intrepid ghost hunters–and I do mean intrepid.  They just spent almost a week at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado–where Stephen King set his unforgetable (believe me, I’ve tried) “The Shining.”  (Is there anybody who can look more scary-maniacal than Jack Nicholson???)   Our girls (Jen is  Cousin Mary Ann’s daughter) will be home later today, full of stories–I guess it was quite an experience.  Me?  I prefer UNhaunted hotels, with room service, nice gift shops, and WiFi.  Although there was that unfortunate incident in New York last June, when my iPhone committed phone suicide by jumping down an elevator shaft.
I digress.
We’re getting ready for Thanksgiving around here.  One of the perks of having adult children is, for me, cooking fewer holiday meals.  This year, Wendy and Jeremy are doing Thanksgiving AND Christmas.  What luxury!  I do plan to set up a tree or two, however, because I absolutely LOVE Christmas.
I hope to know more about the TV movie or series next week.  Watch this space.
I love all your comments–including the ones pointing out mistakes.  Always something new to learn!
Be well, be safe, and be kind.  Commit random acts of generosity.

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