The City by the Bay

Wednesday, Jul 30

I can see why Tony Bennett would leave his heart in San Francisco. It’s a lovely place.

Except for a delayed bag, the travel angels answered my prayers for a hassle-free day. I had a dinner scheduled for last night, with my publicist, Nancy Berland, and her gang. We went to a place called Silks–beyond fabulous. (Fortunately, I had hit Chico’s in the mall near the hotel earlier, so I didn’t have to show up in my airplane outfit.) I had the sea bass, and ladies and gentlemen, it was delectable. Also helped me stay in my skinny jeans–too much sourdough bread yesterday, though, so I’ll be reining it in a little today! At the end of a literally perfect meal, we were served a melted chocolate drink in a tiny cup, with a tiny glass of beer (of all things) for a chaser. DELICIOUS. And we joked from then on about what my Creed and McKettrick boys’ version of this would be: melted Hershey bars and Coors!

Today, I’m having lunch with two of my all-time favorite people, KO and Marleah, of Harlequin fame, and I’ll be attending Nancy Berland’s party for librarians and booksellers tonight. In between, back to the mall! And Chinatown is just a short walk from this beautiful hotel. Gotta go get my cheap souvenirs, collage goodies, and Feng Shui charms. 🙂 (I want all the good luck I can rustle up.)

Right now? I’m heading out to see if I can scare up one of those little bitty coffee pots. 🙂 Fancy as this hotel is, I need CAFFEINE in regular doses!

More later! (On the continuing adventures of a cowgirl in the Big Smoke.)

In the meantime, one word sizes it all up:


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Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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