The daffodils are blooming!

Monday, Apr 08

YES!  Blooming daffodils–right in the midst of several consequtive rainy days.  🙂  Truly April showers MUST bring May flowers.  Naturally, they need all this moisture, and I’m determined to be philosophical about it.  (After all, being UNphilosophical will do no good at all.)  This is my first year of growing them, so they seem a bit sparse, but I’m told they’ll increase every spring.  When it comes to flowers, I’m greedy!
Mary Ann brought in a huge bouquet on Friday, and what joy they bring me every time I look at them.
The renovations are at a temporary stand-still–our contractor is down with a terrible cold, and none of us want to catch it!  The handles for the bathtub did arrive, though, so when Doug is better, he’ll install the works.
Here’s the thing about renovations–they’re like the neverending story.  I keep thinking of OTHER projects–replace the outside walls, which are made of fiber glass and easy for the birds to peck holes in–don’t get me started on all the corners that were cut when this house was built–shelves and cabinets in the craft room–an old-fashioned front porch–on and on it goes.  Since this adventure may continue for years, I hereby promise not to complain about it.  🙂 
I’ve chosen a question, adapted from Hilda’s suggestion, for our next contest.  If you could do one truly impossible thing, what would it be?  We’ll announce our winner on Monday.
I’m writing today, and I’ve been making soap over the weekend.  Since I can only use or give away so much of the stuff, I have decided to donate the overflow to our local battered women’s shelter.  It’s a small thing to do, but I’m hoping that having something pretty and feminine, at such a dark time, will remind these women that there is still beauty in the world, and in them.
Now, back to work!
God bless you and yours, and hold you in the palm of His hand.

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