The Firefly Syndrome

Monday, Mar 03

Over the weekend, I discovered that I suffer from the Firefly Syndrome. Especially when it comes to art–with writing, I’m pretty disciplined and focused. With art…


I go from one fascinating project to another; rubber stamps here, watercolors and artist trading cards there. The centerpiece for my Lincoln tribute, which is a sort of visual journaling process. (I flat out admire Honest Abe, but beyond that, it’s a plotting system, a colorful chronicle of the first Civil War book.) I LOVE the idea of recording the journey in polymer clay and collage. I also tried a great candle technique I saw on Carol Duvall–you take an ordinary inkjet print of a photograph, pin it to the candle, and making sure the candle is upright and on wax paper or something, you use a heat tool (rubber-stampers, you know what I mean) and carefully go over the picture. The wax seeps through and the picture is bonded to the candle in the coolest possible way. You heard it here second. 🙂

Jamie and Gil and Martha, I so enjoyed seeing you at the signing at Waldenbooks this Saturday. Jamie’s first book, “Betrayed”, was just published by Tor. It has a wonderful premise. Haven’t read it yet, but I certainly intend to. If you like paranormal stories, check it out!

See? The firefly thing again. Off I go, chasing this firefly, and then that one.

The world is just TOO full of interesting people, of beauty and color and texture! Indeed, we should all be as happy as kings. (Or queens.)

Enough already.

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