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Thursday, Mar 31

Today we have cloudy skies and the promise of wind, wind and more wind. I was up early this morning for a radio interview, and I’ve been watching the big trees sway back and forth to their own kind of music. My niece, Kelly Lael, is coming to town, and I’ll get to see her, so I’m tickled pink about that. I don’t see enough of Kelly, as she lives on the other side of the country and has a responsible government job that makes us all proud. As usual, the better part of today will be dedicated to writing–so near to the finish line!–and I’ll probably play around with art supplies at some point, too. I’m a little bummed that I can’t make it to Artfest after all, but that’s life. There are just too many other things that have to get done. Maybe next year. I want to get a solid start on the new series, set in Parable, Montana. “A Creed in Stone Creek” is still enjoying a great run–5th week on the New York Times bestseller list. Conner’s book, “Creed’s Honor”, will be out the last Tuesday in May, and Brody’s, “The Creed Legacy”, a month later, in June. I’m sure anxious for you to meet the rest of this rough-and-tumble outfit. 🙂 Mom emailed, after reading yesterday’s blog (Hi, Mom) and said Dad traded a load of firewood for the radio I mentioned. Times were tough back then, and the folks did without a lot of things we take for granted today, but I can’t help wondering if I’ll remember my first iPod or any other fancy electronic gadget the way I remember that radio. Time to make coffee and get on with the day. We’re burnin’ daylight, after all.

About Linda

The daughter of a town marshal, Linda Lael Miller is a #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 100 historical and contemporary novels, most of which reflect her love of the West.

Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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