The Rescued Miners

Thursday, Oct 14

It’s nice to see a miracle unfold, isn’t it? Those Chilean miners, their families, and their rescuers are all heroes, as far as I’m concerned. A true testament to the power of the human spirit–these people chose to believe things would turn out well for them. They could certainly have panicked, fought among themselves, or simply given up, but they took the experience day by day and probably moment by moment. It seems to me that, particularly in these challenging times, they’ve set a fine example for the rest of us.

As the British say, “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

The roses have been pruned back, and Larry brought in the last few blossoms to grace my kitchen. As I write this, Cha Cha kitty is nibbling away at them. 🙂 Must be the Vitamin C.

I’ll be writing today–I’m having the BEST time with Conner and Tricia and all the other characters in “Creed’s Honor”. Today, as a public service, I must take time out for an emergency haircut–I look like the subject of alien wind-tunnel experiments when I wake up of a morning. Alien hairdressers are a running joke between my sister Sally and me–we send each other cell-phone photos of the most dramatic examples!

It’s all good.

Keep calm and carry on, pardners.

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