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Wednesday, Apr 22

Down about half a pound–which is good.  I’ve been “stuck” at the same weight for several months now and, I must confess, I tended to beat myself up about it.  Then I listened to a podcast on Tips of the Scale, episode #144.   The guest was Tulin Emre, who bills herself as the Plus Size Coach.  Well, she may be plus sized, but she’s totally fit.  Check out her photo Tips of the if you don’t believe me.  🙂  What impressed me about Tulin was her attitude; the woman has been through things that would break a lot of us, but she has turned all that adversity into a message that would inspire anyone.  Anyway, the point she made with me was that we’re all on a journey, whether it’s weight loss or anything else.  There’s no “Before” and “After”, only “Then” and “Now”.  We’re all in transition and it’s okay to move at our own place.  Since Tulin expresses the idea much better than I ever could, I recommend listening to the interview–no matter WHAT your struggle happens to be.
Now that the weather is so nice, I’m doing two laps around the pasture every day.  I hope to work up to longer walks later, but for the time being, I just want to move.  I’ve realized, thanks in part to Tulin, that my journey is just that–my journey.  Yours is probably different and guess what–we’re both doing just fine, thank you very much.


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