The Weight Watchers Report 🙂

Wednesday, Apr 09

I’m down 1.8 pounds this week.  YES! 
I woke up VERY early this morning–3:30, to be exact–and I figured I might just as well make coffee, meditate, listen to the Daily Audio Bible podcast and write my morning pages, since I felt no real inclination to go back to sleep.  I did get a good night’s rest, though, and I’m tired now, but happily so.  I spent the afternoon playing with my art supplies, making ATCs (artist trading cards) and the like.  I’m having the best time painting various backgrounds with Luminere colors–as the name suggests, they seem to capture the light.  My favorite is a shade called Halo Pink Gold–it reminds me of the golds used to illuminate medieval manscripts, but I also love the Pearl Turquoise and Halo Violet Gold. 
I have two new books to use during my devotions, and they’re both excellent.  I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow.  (And I will definitely be giving out one or both in future contests here on the blog, so stay tuned.  🙂 )
Forgive me if I’m repeating myself, but I’m listening to a book called JESUS: A PILGRIMAGE, by James Martin, a Jesuit priest.  It’s very interesting, so far.  Again, I’ll probably have more to say later on.
On the gemstone front, I have a small story to tell.  When I got up this a.m., my right instep was giving me trouble.  So I taped a piece of malachite to the sore spot and put on socks, in order to keep the stone in place.  Here’s the great part: within fifteen minutes, the pain was gone.  I removed the malachite, rinsed it, and placed it in one of my pyramid boxes to recharge.  I’ve had this result using moss agate, one of my go-to stones, but it’s nice to know there are other good options, too.  (I got the idea to try malachite from a book I read on crystal healing–the author’s friend suffered a broken ankle and this lovely green mineral completely quelled the woman’s pain.  Alas, it was also a cautionary tale–the author said she left the stone in place too long and, since it was relatively small, it was drained of energy.  Although she carefully recharged the stone, it seems to have lost a lot of its power.  Hence, I made sure to remove mine after about an hour and cleanse it.)
Well, my friends, I’m very tired tonight, so I’m going to cut this blog a little short.
More tomorrow.

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