The Wilderness and Spotsylvania

Wednesday, Jun 11

Those are the battlefields we visited today. It is VERY hot in Virginia, and my hair and t-shirt were absolutely soaked. I had to sit a couple of the sites out on the air-conditioned bus-tomorrow is Gettysburg, and I want to be in top form for that. Here’s my secret wish: I wish I would see a real ghost on the battlefield. I know, I know, it’s crazy, but there it is. Of course, now that I’ve told you, it isn’t really a secret anymore, is it?

Today was also my birthday. Since it was Dad’s birthday, too, and this was the first without him, I was a little subdued. I do miss him so.

Yesterday and today, we were accompanied by the imimitable Edwin “Ed” Bearrs (pronounced Barrs), author and celebrated expert on the Civil War in particular and military history in general. Ed is 84, and tramps all over these battlefields, in this heat, reeling off facts and stories. He sometimes closes his eyes as he describes a scene, and I know he is seeing it as if the action is unfolding all around him. The magical thing is, he gets the rest of us seeing it too!

More tomorrow night.

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