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Wednesday, Oct 10

Crystal, Maggie Arnold, and Sam.  Please send your snail mail addresses to me at, and I’ll send each of you a signed book.
I had such a good writing day yesterday–Casey and Walker both amaze me continually–and I’m looking forward to another excellent day.  (All prayed up and ready to roll.)  🙂  I’m on a pretty tight schedule this time around, but that’s okay, because I’m loving every minute of this story.  My goal is to finish four chapters each week, and then have Friday, Saturday and Sunday free. 
One of my Goodwill books is “Everyday Grace” by Mary Ann Williamson.  I read a chapter each morning, during my devotional time, and it’s excellent stuff.  (I don’t think it was an accident that I found this particular book when I did.)  🙂  It’s a funny thing, how you can try to read a book, and it makes no real sense to you, so you put it aside, only to pick it up months or years later, read it, and feel as though a light bulb has been switched on in your head!
Yesterday I cooked corned beef and cabbage and Wendy and Jeremy joined me for supper–like me, they love the stuff!–and Jenni was here, too, though she brought a Subway sandwich.  🙂  For some weird reason, nobody on the Triple L crew seems to like this dish except me.
Yorkie Bernice got a trim, courtesy of Jeremy.  She’s such a cutie and she’s doing better these days–not so gimpy.  She’s 12, but still pretty perky if her hip isn’t hurting.  (I can identify.)  Like Tom T. Hall, I love “old dogs and children and watermelon (shiraz) wine.”
Walker adopted a dog in yesterday’s chapter–said it resembled a “wad of dryer lint with legs and eyeballs.” 
Wish I’d thought of that.  🙂

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