Thursday? There was a Thursday?

Friday, Feb 15

Obviously, I have a little catching up to do!
First, I hope you all had a lovely and, if appropriate, romantic Valentine’s Day.  🙂  I received flowers from Cousin Mary Ann and a box of candy from her husband Larry, aka, the Canadian Wrangler.  (I don’t intend to actually EAT this chocolate, but I have plans for the box.)   Sister Sally sent me a Valentine, too, along with a couple of losing lottery tickets.  I told her to pick up winners next time.  🙂
Valentine’s Day is quite special to me, above and beyond hearts and flowers.  30 years ago (I know, that really dates me) Kate Duffy, then editor in chief at Pocket’s new (then) Tapestry line, called and made an offer on my very first book, “Fletcher’s Woman”.  WOW.  What a Valentine.  And I’ve been gainfully employed ever since.
Our winner this week was Emily, and Jenni tells me an email has been sent to her.  So, if your name is Emily but you DIDN”T receive an email from my assistant/cousin/honorary niece, sorry, but you didn’t win.
Reading over your comments, I was struck by how many of you are already praying for people you don’t like.  It’s a fairly new concept for me, even though I’ve been a Christian since I was ten years old.  I’m intelligent enough, but I can be a really slow learner!
Today, during my meditation, I used the phrase, “Peace, be still” to get quiet and stay in the flow, etc.  Probably because those words come, among other places, from a favorite story of mine about Jesus.  A comical version came to mind–don’t let anybody tell you God doesn’t have a sense of humor–I saw Jesus sleeping in that boat on the Sea of Galilee, and the disciples panicking as a storm arose and steadily got worse.  As most of you know, He awoke when the others called to Him, and He was a little grumpy about being disturbed, and little wonder, with all that walking and teaching and temple-clearing, not to mention performing constant miracles.  He must have been pooped.  Anyway, in my little mind-scene, He stood up, raised His hands in irritated authority, and yelled, “Yo!  Water!  Wind!  Knock it off!!!”
I love it.
Have a great weekend and be a blessing to someone.

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