Today’s experiment

Thursday, Feb 07

Today I decided to tackle my writing quota first, before I did pretty much anything else, and guess what? It was a major success!  Yes, it took a while, but I got SO MUCH done, even after a late night and sleeping in for a few extra hours.
Hence, the late blog.  🙂  Once I’m finished here, I plan on riding my exercise bike AND spending some time on my artist trading cards before having dinner and listening to today’s episode of the Daily Audio Bible and finally calling it a day.  You remember how I complained (okay, whined) about the seat on my bike.  Well, I ordered a new one, made for bigger butts and mega-cushioned, and had it sent express.  This afternoon, Jeremy put it on for me.  YES!  Now I can peddle in comfort.  He also started some tomato seeds, but that’s another story for another day.
This week’s contest winner, by the way, is Lori DeLong.  We’ve already been in touch, and the prizes are going out in tomorrow’s mail.  Congratulations, Lori.
I received some summery clothes via UPS this afternoon–my Florida clothes.  Yes, I’m visiting friends and doing a signing in the Sunshine State later this month, and I can’t wait to soak up a little Vitamin D and take a well-earned break from cold weather.  I’ll keep you posted, as usual.
Speaking of keeping you posted, it’s pretty early in the game, but I think my bio-identical hormones are definitely helping.  No doubt they’re part of the reason I lost more weight this week, along with the exercise.  I’m still loving the Food Lover’s Program and getting more confident about trying new recipes.  The muffin-tin meatloaf turned out very well, if a little on the dry side.  Next time, I’ll add more tomato sauce.  🙂  (Did I mention that I love to experiment?)  I’m also getting ready to try a casserole made with Quinoa, the wonder grain, and I’ve got some spaghetti squash I want to play with, too.
As you can tell, I derive a lot of pleasure from small things.
Not a bad way to be, I’m guessing.

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