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Thursday, Jul 10

I got up early today, in order to have plenty of time for my spiritual practice and still get in some hefty chunks of writing time.  I lit candles–I love the mood candlelight creates, especially when it’s dark out–a sort of cozy reverence that settles my ADD-riddled brain considerably.  🙂
Things went VERY well at Weight Watchers yesterday–I was down 4.4 pounds!  YES!  (As I suspected, last week’s nominal gain wasn’t really added heft, but simply the typical readjustment my body has to make once it is convinced I’m not going to starve.  🙂 )
I see that some of you are disappointed that I don’t have plans for more Mojo books.  May I just say that Never is a very long time, and there might just be a new plan in the works?  Seems like I’m keeping lots of secrets these days–can’t wait for the day when I can Tell All.  (Well, okay, Most)  Alas, that fine day hasn’t arrived, but when it does, you, dear blog readers, will be the first to know.
I’ve been taking notes as I study the Course in Miracles–there is so much to learn!  It sure helps to know Graduation Day isn’t my concern.  🙂  Here is a quote I’d like to share: “What you perceive in others you are strengthening in yourself.”  Holy dichotomy, Batman!  Does that mean any petty, judgmental thought is actually harmful to all concerned? To the aim-er as well as the aim-ee?
Yep, that’s what it means, buckaroos.  Yikes.  The flip side of that coin, however, is that perceiving love (the most important of all good things) in others, as difficult as that can be, strengthens the love within ourselves.  Ask me if I’m grateful for the way the Course sheds light on the teachings of Jesus.  (Hint: the answer to that would be a definite yes.)
Things are bustling here on the Triple L–Kat, our newest crew member, has my craft room/art studio whipped into fine shape–I am no longer a candidate for an appearance on TV’s Hoarders.  The “before” picture of the area makes me cringe!
Since I’m deeply engaged in writing the new book, there isn’t much art time during the week, but you can be sure I’ll be down there on the weekend, delighting in the fact that I can find the things I want to use.  🙂  Plus, it’s easy to put them back when I’m through.  What a concept!
Have you commented?  Just a reminder that there’s a contest going on, this week and every week, and that the winners will be announced on Monday’s blog, along with the start of a new round.
Well, I have much to do and a limited number of hours to do it in, so I’ll be saying so long for now.  Be kind to all living creatures, including yourself.  As the old hymn says, “The Lord God loves them all.”

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