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Wednesday, Jan 16

Okay, it’s more like the tag-end of the morning–but I’ve finally arrived.  🙂
My new exercise bike is set up and I’m already riding it–starting small, though, with five minutes in the morning and five in the afternoon.  I plan to work up to 30 minutes total.  There are only THREE MORE DAYS left in the induction part of the program, then it becomes a lifestyle.  So much better than a diet, don’t you think?  I don’t think I’ll change much about the way I’m eating–except for swapping out a fast-carb for wine at either lunch or supper.  🙂
Looking out over the snowy slope of the draw behind my house, I can picture a riot of poppies blooming under a summer sun, and that does my heart good.  Same with the plant pots on the deck; right now they’re frozen, and wearing caps of snow, but I know the magic is stirring in the essence of what is now a relatively ugly bulb.  I can SEE the colors coming together, first as energy, beneath all that dirt.  (That’s the upside of having a well-developed imagination.  The downside is something else again.  For instance, when I’m expecting someone and they’re late, I don’t picture them held up in traffic or stopping off for a gallon of milk along the way.  No, I see grim headlines or a TV news clip.  Yeesh.  I’m working on that.)
I’m listening to a positively GREAT book now, called “The As If Principle”.  We’ve all heard of acting as if, especially if we’ve had contact with any of the 12 step programs, but this book gives all sorts of scientific evidence, and it’s fascinating.  If you’re feeling blue, try smiling–no matter how hard it is at first.  It works!  Instead of telling yourself you can’t do something, act as if you believed you could and see what happens.
And that’s this week’s contest.  🙂  Have you ever had an experience with acting-as-if–aka fake it till you make it–and if you did, what happened?  If you haven’t, try it this week–it doesn’t have to be anything big–and describe it in your comment.
I’ve got a book waiting, so that’s all for today, folks.
Remember–a smile or a kind word can change the whole course of a person’s life.  Or a pet’s.

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