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Tuesday, Feb 12

Remember when I said I stopped dictating what time I wanted to get up and asked God to decide, when I said my prayer before bed?  Well, this morning, He must have wanted to sleep in.   :)Which means I’m getting a late start on just about everything, including this blog.  What with all my new energy, though, I don’t anticipate having any problem meeting my word quota.  Exercise, healthy meals and bio-identical hormones are literally changing my life, day by day.
I had a good, productive writing day yesterday and will write Chapter 15 today.  Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I will write the final chapter of “Big Sky Wedding” tomorrow.  Of course there are always revisions–usually minor–and some tweaking to do after my editor, Joan, reads through the ms., but once a manuscript is drafted, my mind hurries right along to the next project.  I’m taking off a few days to clear clutter, as previously mentioned, but I’ll soon be back at it, tackling the final Big Sky book, “Big Sky Secrets”.  (Which is not to say you won’t see some “Big Sky” Christmas stories, about the ancestors of the Barlows and the Carmody’s, the Taylors and the Parrishes, and all the rest of the crew, because I’m sure you will.)
We’ve almost reached Wednesday, when last week’s contest ends, and let me say here and now that I’ve been greatly impressed with all your comments.  You really are an interesting bunch, and I’m glad we’re riding for the same brand.
I’ve been thinking about Lent.  As a child, I always observed the tradition, but I must admit I’ve slacked off during my adulthood.  I have no idea what to give up–there’s an agenda behind anything I might consider, like going to the casino or having that glass of wine with supper–so I’ve asked God what He would like me to do.  I hope there’s an answer soon, because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  🙂
Are you giving anything up for Lent?
On a more mundane level, does anyone have a good, low-cal/fat recipe for stuffed green peppers?  Mine sucked. (See yesterday’s blog.)
These questions, by the way, are not for this week’s contest.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that.
Be kind, and stand up for some person or critter who’s getting a raw deal.  It’s the cowgirl way.

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