Ups and Downs

Friday, Jan 14

Yesterday was a really productive writing day–I was rollin’, ladies and gentlemen. I love it when that happens!

The whole crew here on the Triple L has been fighting off colds–one ranch hand is still confined to the bunkhouse (I don’t really have a bunkhouse; it’s an apartment on the property :))with some kind of nasty bug antibiotics can’t touch. The rest of us are holding our own–I’m not exactly chipper, but I’m not sick, either.

Figure that one out. 🙂

What a week this has been. My heart breaks for all those folks in Tucson, and my prayers go out to and for all. To lose that bright and beautiful child is a blow to all of us, and of course to her parents, extended family, and many friends.

I am a person of faith, but abundantly human as well. And I can’t help wondering why.

Last night I listened to a podcast called “Being”, conducted by Krista Tippett, an interview with theologian/physicist John Polkinghorne (now THERE’S a name!), called “Quarks and Creation”. I found it fascinating and profoundly comforting, and plan to listen to it at least once more, because it is pretty deep and very substantial. I mention it here in case you would like to track it down. Visit being. if you’re interested.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

I’ll see you Monday.

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