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Tuesday, Mar 18

First, for those of you who wanted to check out Art42, the correct web address is
I mean well but I can be spacey.  🙂
I finished The Great Courses lecture series I mentione yesterday–the one about heroes of myth and legend.  You will be happy to know that a number of the lecture subjects were women–Guinivere (one of my favorites even though I can’t say I approve of the Lancelot affair), is among them, along with Elisabeth Bennet from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and Mina from DRACULA.  The idea of the course was more about what makes a character live on in the minds and hearts of readers for years, or decades, or centuries.  I’m debating on the next set of lectures–will it be MONEY AND BANKING (things I know all too little about) or THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, a keen interest of mine?  It remains to be seen.  (Heard?)
The new book is underway and I’m enjoying the process, as usual.  It helps that I feel a LOT better than I have in recent weeks.  Tomorrow, after Weight Watchers, I’m heading over to see Cousin Debra for an acupuncture treatment, long overdue and badly needed.  Debra and I always have lots to talk about, and I’m eager to tell her all about my lingering fascination with gemstones and crystals.  Since we’re both interested in alternative medicine (obviously), it will probably be a lively discussion. 
I received packages in the mail today, as I do most every day.  (Yikes.)  More stones, of course–among them, Dalmation Jasper, which is supposedly good for Geminis, like moi, who need a little help keeping their feet on the ground :), blue lace agate, ametrine, and shunghite, also a beautiful blue topaz (comparatively inexpensive) I will probably set in a pendant at some point.  I bought an abalone shell bowl, too, and some incense wood, called Palo Santo.  I’d never heard of it until I read one of Echo Bodine’s books–it allegedly helps clear away negative energy.  I haven’t burned any yet, but it smells a lot like licorice.  As long as I stay clear of the smoke detectors, I should be fine.  🙂  (Believe it or not, I usually set them off when I make popcorn in the microwave.  Go figure.)

I don’t watch that much TV, actually, but it bugs me when I can’t.  I definitely like to keep all my options open.
Well, it’s time for lunch, and Bernice the Super-Yorkie is staring at me intently, which means she wants me to go downstairs for whatever reason.
Her wish is my command. 

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