Walking in My World

Wednesday, Sep 24

One of the benefits of my new walking regime–yesterday, I did TWO stints of three laps around the pasture–is the ideas it prompts. I don’t take my iPod along, just a water bottle and an open mind. I want to be present, in my body, during these walks, and not off somewhere in the Civil War or the Revolution. 🙂 On the first lap, I noticed my beautiful Japanese maple trees–their leaves are turning, and they are the most beautiful rusty crimson. I got to thinking, as I walked, about pressing some, and using them on ATCs. (I relate a LOT of things to ATCs. :)) So I picked 12 extra-pretty ones when I’d completed the rounds, and now they’re tucked neatly between two boards, carefully protected by parchment paper, being pressed. I think that takes a long time, so I’ve decided not to fiddle with them (my besetting sin, or one of them anyway, is fiddling with things before they’re: ready, dry, etc.) until after I get home from touring to promote “The Rustler”. Even then, they might not be ready, but checking them out will be one of the small, ordinary pleasures that add so much joy to life.

I have a meeting today, and that will make writing Chapter 15 a little more challenging. I fretted (and fiddled) over this for a while, then decided enough was enough–I WILL write that chapter, no matter what.

This book is basically writing itself, and as I’ve said on previous blogs, I just love it. I feel a little guilty for picking on poor Gideon :), but darn, it’s so much fun. And I can’t leave the whole job to Lydia, now can I???

I hope there will be time for a walk–it’s going to rain but that won’t stop me–and an hour or two to work on the ATCs I’m making especially to take on the tour, in hopes of trading with some of you.

Have you seen the Creed video? If you click on the link in my letter on the main page, you’ll see My Boys. Warning: they are SERIOUSLY hunky cowboys. My favorite kind of man!

See you tomorrow.

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Raised in Northport, Washington, Linda pursued her wanderlust, living in London and Arizona and traveling the world before returning to the state of her birth to settle down on a horse property outside Spokane.

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