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Wednesday, Jan 30

We’ll be announcing last week’s winner as soon as she (or he) has been notified by email.
Mom and Jerry’s birthday celebration has been moved to Thursday–their actual birthday–and we’re all going out to lunch.  So, yesterday I was able to stay home and complete a chapter and, trust me, that really feels good.
I believe I mentioned the book, “Spark”–if you aren’t a believer already, when it comes to exercise, this one will convince you.  I have only been riding my stationary bike for a few days, soon after I get up and nosh on the forementioned apple, but I can already feel a difference.  I LOVE this.  It took me forever to get started–procrastination is a bug-bear for me–but I’m so glad I finally did. 
When you think about it, it was no wonder I took so long to begin exercising, because I kept telling myself I HAD to do it, like it was a punishment or something.  Now, I think, “Yeehaw, it’s time for a bike ride!” and rub my hands together in anticipation, and, guess what?  It’s easy, because I believe myself!  “Spark” reconfirmed for me something I already knew but didn’t always apply–that what we tell ourselves in the privacy of our own heads is vitally important, negative thoughts equal negative experiences, and vice vera.  The book also shed some light on the procrastination problem–exercise helps that, too, it seems.  Pressure and stress release certain hormones, and that’s why procrastinators tend to put things off until their darkest and most desperate hour is upon them…believe me, I’ve BEEN there, too many times…because they’re unconsciously trying to crank out the necessary brain chemicals to get the job done.  ADD people are especially prone to procrastinate, because we’re so easily distracted.
In any case, I’m getting too old for the flying-by-the-seat-of-my-jeans approach, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, because the older I get, the better my life is, no two ways about it.  I’m already discovering, even at this early stage of the game, that if I take the time to exercise, my mind is sharper and I’m ready to write.  Naturally, it helps to remind myself constantly of all the very good reasons I want to take better care of myself.
Exercise–and I was thunderstruck by this revelation–actually changes the brain!  I mean, WOW.  Getting the heart rate up a little bit will physically alter–and improve–the three pounds of gray matter behind our foreheads.  Holy Brainiac, Batman!  Stop the presses!
I’m off to Three Trees and Parable to meet up with my characters, Brylee and Zane, but I’ll post the winner’s name later.
Next week’s contest is actually an assignment–get out a piece of paper and write down, as quickly as you can, 20 things you could do to make your own life better.  You don’t have to post all 20 in your comment–pick the three that seem most important AND most doable.
In the meantime, do somebody a good turn–and all the better if they never know who did it.  🙂

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