Weekly Weight Watchers Report (And a few random remarks)

Wednesday, May 07

Good news on the Weight Watchers front: DOWN 2.4 pounds!  I achieved a certain personal benchmark and rewarded myself with a flashy ametrine necklace from Wonders of the World.  🙂  I’ve owned the bling for a week or two, but refused to wear it until I met my mini-goal. 
Wendy, Jenni and I went to lunch at Red Robin after the WW meeting, and I enjoyed French onion soup and a Cobb salad.  Afterward, I stopped by Chico’s, one of my favorite stores, but for once, I didn’t see a single garment I couldn’t live without.  🙂  (This is a rare phenomenon; I LOVE Chico’s!)  I did pick up some summer tops and a pair of pajamas at Macy’s, however.  My rule is, if clothes come in, clothes have to go out to make space.  Ditto books, and it wouldn’t hurt to weed out the craft supplies a little, too.
One of you recommended a book a few weeks ago called THREE SOULS, a novel written by Janie Chang.  Intrigued, I bought it during a recent visit to Target, and have just started.  It’s already got me hooked.  I’m listening to a mystery now, by Molly MacRae, called DYEING WISHES.  I enjoyed the first book in this haunted-yarn-shop series, LAST WOOL AND TESTAMENT, so I decided to read on and see what happens next.  The stories include cats, ghosts and wool–technically a craft supply.  What’s not to love?  🙂
A while back I told you about my meditation pyramid, the nifty contraption I ordered on Etsy–I’m thrilled to say it was shipped today, so I’ll be able to experiment soon.  I’ll tell you all about the experience, of course.  


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