Weight Watchers, angels and rocks

Wednesday, Mar 26

Weight Watchers results: down .8.  Not a huge loss, but I’m happy, as always, to be headed down instead of up.  🙂  (At least when it comes to weight.  Bestseller lists are another matter.)  After the meeting, Jenni and I had lunch at one of our favorite places, Casa de Oro, which, obviously, is a Mexican restaurant.  I don’t know why I ever bother to check the menu in these places, because I always, but always, order the same thing: a chicken enchilada, rice and beans.  The great thing about WW is that I can still have my favorites–there are no forbidden foods.
I do believe the angels arrived on schedule last night–I felt a definite shift in the atmosphere.  Thanks to Jeremy, I now have the proper white flower, a rose, for the project.  I’m using a flameless candle for the first time, and I’m loving it.  No fire danger, no wondering if I remembered to quench the flame, etc.  I’ll probably invest in more of these Linda-proof candles, as they come in lots of sizes and gorgeous colors.  I’m excited about the angels’ visit, and I fully expect to see changes.  Things like this tend to be very subjective, however, so an event I think is amazing might sound pretty so-so to you.  We shall see.  This visit lasts through April 9.
My experience with gemstones and crystals seems to be deepening all the time.  I can’t get over how beautiful they are, richly colored and complex, transparent or opaque, and so often lit from within.  I’ve mentioned my go-to de-stresser, moss agate, before–honestly, when I hold these little green wonders in the palms of my hands, it’s as though I’ve just been hugged by my guardian angel.  Since they do tend to scatter and fall out of the bed, as I’ve said before, I’ve hit on a fairly simple (not to mention obvious) solution: I put them into small organza bags of the sort I use for my handmade soap.  That way, they’re easier to contain and yet the energy is not diluted in any way.  I’ve recently acquired some absolutely gorgeous glass boxes to display and energize various stones–the lids are pyramid-shaped.  Since a lot of you have asked where to buy stones, etc., I’ll be listing some of my sources on tomorrow’s blog–most are Etsy or eBay sellers, though I also love to shop at my local shop, Wonders of the World.
Finally, Jenni asked me to clarify the rules for our weekly contest so new people will not be confused.  Each week’s contest begins on Monday and ends on Friday.  There are two winners: both receive an autographed book by moi, and a second prize, which changes monthly.  All you have to do is comment on at least one of that week’s blog posts.  Stay tuned.  🙂
Well, that’s my wit and wisdom for today–such as it is.
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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